What is the best way to choose your international mover?

Are you planning a move abroad or a return home? Choosing a mover is crucial to smooth sailing during this stage of the process. Here are 6 key tips to help you choose your provider with confidence.

It is often said that after bereavement and job loss, moving is one of the most (potentially) traumatic experiences in life. There is no doubt that moving to a new place, sometimes an unfamiliar city or a country, is a leap into the unknown which can be very stressful for many of us. Even if you are returning to a familiar country or destination, moving is still an important transition that brings with it colossal mental stress. It is crucial to be accompanied by an international moving professional you trust, secure in the knowledge that your property is in good hands.

1. Choose a mover who is committed to the client relationship
Language and communication style are the first indications that signal whether we will feel comfortable relying on a provider.
A serious international mover should have a multilingual and multicultural team, which already greatly facilitates interpersonal communication. Your dedicated contact person will explain the key stages of your move, the formalities that must be completed based on your location of departure and destination, as well as your citizenship. They will know how to anticipate your questions and respond to your potential concerns. And, of course, they will patiently answer your questions.

2. Choose a peer-recognised company that complies with professional standards
The moving and relocation sector is not regulated – there are no licences or diplomas required to operate within the industry – and the internet is full of moving companies. Membership in a moving professional association, trade union, etc. is a good indicator of a company’s professionalism.
The International Association of Movers (IAM, https://www.iamovers.org) is the world’s largest organisation of moving professionals. It brings together more than 2,000 moving companies in 170 countries. Thanks to the quality of service standards guaranteed by IAM, its members, such as Indygo, can ensure your move is carried out with confidence and serenity, whatever your destination.
Belonging to the Fedemac (European Movers Federation, https://fedemac.com/member/indygo-ms/) is another guarantee of peer recognition and high-quality service. Founded in 1959, Fedemac brings together more than 1,600 moving professionals in 27 European countries.

3. Choose an experienced mover
Logistics and international relocation are complex sectors. A moving company’s experience is an essential criterion. The seniority of the moving company in the industry, as well as its executives and teams, can provide additional reassurance.
The Indygo Moving Solutions team has over 20 years of experience in international relocation and particular expertise in relocation to and from Poland.

4. Consult customer testimonials
Who better to assess a moving company than the customers who have already benefited from its services?
A professional moving company that is proud of its work will transparently communicate customer reviews, for example on its website (for Indygo, you will find them here: https://www.indygo-moving.com/recommendations/), on social networks (via a LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/indygo-moving-solutions) or via search engines. It may even provide you with the opportunity to speak to a previous customer who can answer your questions about service quality and tell you about their move experience.

5. Compare quotes and services
Any moving company you contact should send you a free no-obligation quote. This document is sent to you following a technical visit during which the mover estimates the volume of the goods to be moved, evaluates any special items that will require additional arrangements and learns more about your accommodation (access, floor, parking, etc.).

The estimate for your move is based on many criteria: the place of departure and arrival, the date of the move as well as the volume, of course. But it also takes into consideration the type of transport (road, sea, air), specific goods to be moved (cars, musical instruments, works of art, etc.), packaging and unpacking services, etc.

When comparing quotations, make sure that the services match up or at least be aware of any differences with respect to transport (dedicated versus grouped), packaging and unpacking … which influence the price.
Indygo Moving Solutions offers its customers a service adapted to their needs and budget.

6. These benefits make all the difference…
Follow your instincts and values. For example, if environmental protection is important to you, you will probably find the environmentally-friendly solutions offered by Indygo Moving Solutions particularly appealing: group transport where possible, reused boxes that are recycled once they can no longer be used…