When is the best time to move?

Whether it is related to your New Year’s resolution (“This is the year we move abroad!”) or a desire to plan your year, especially the projects requiring a minimum of organisation, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to talk about moving – and in particular moving internationally!

As professional movers, we are often asked: “When is the best time to move?” The fact is that there is no right answer to that question. It all depends on your personal and professional situation, your country of departure and your destination.
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When should you contact a moving company?

First of all, remember that the sooner you contact a moving company, the more beneficial it will be for you and your service provider. You will have time to decide which goods you want to take with you and plan the departure date based on your unique constraints. Your mover will also be able to offer you better conditions with respect to the choice of transport (maritime, road or rail) or group transport (which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly).

Depending on when you want to move, 3 months is a good minimum to start planning a move with your provider. In general, if you know the period of your departure and your destination, it is never too early to contact one or more moving companies.

I have children in school.

Families avoid moving during the school year so as not to disrupt their children’s schooling. Their move date is most often dictated by the school calendar. This varies from one hemisphere to the other.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and plan to move somewhere else within it, the best time for your move will be July and August. This will give your children time to finish the school year, possibly go on vacation and settle quietly in your new host country before the start of the school year in a new establishment.

We should point out that the months of July and August are the most in demand, which increases service prices and puts more pressure on the availability of service providers and transport – hence the importance of planning your move as long as possible in advance.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are moving within it, you will prefer to organise your move in December-January for the same reasons.

Finally, if you change hemispheres, you will be interrupting the school year at either the departure or destination location. If you leave the Northern Hemisphere in summer you will arrive in the middle of the school year in the Southern Hemisphere and if leaving the Southern Hemisphere in December, you will arrive in the middle of the school year in the Northern Hemisphere. So consider the best option for your family based on the age of your children and the school system they attend. You can consult the current school of your children as well as that of your destination in order to obtain their opinions.

Since moves from one hemisphere to another are less frequent, demand is not as high as during the summer months. On the other hand, a large number of countries have end-of-year holidays, so planning your move in advance, whenever possible, is also recommended.

I am single or in a relationship with no children.

If you do not have children in school or if they are under 6, the best time for your move will be outside of school holidays, i.e. during the year, with the exception of December, January, June, July and August. You will benefit from a more advantageous price and more flexibility in case of a change in date.

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